Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Vote Deratany?

RPM Advertising asked us to do a Jib Jab style commercial for their client Jay Paul Deratany. As you will see we had a good time with it and I credit a great agency to work for, a gutsy creative director, Larry Bessler, and a brave client too. It is rare that animators are given a lot of creative freedom, and when it happens, I think animators will bend over backwards for the client and for the job. I know I did. Worked my butt off and as most of you know it is a rather large butt. I had some great help from a freelancer here in Tucson, Sean Coleman, a young animation stud type. And of course the track was done by, my man, Jim May of Mini-No-Place. He is great. This is a pretty darn good example of what can be pulled together in a couple of weeks, in this new wacky computer age. I can't imagine how long it would have taken traditionally. This is the type of 2d innovation I am always blathering about, it's fun, quicker than traditional methods, and has more options. Sure it's not great animation but who cares...it's a style and it works. This project was done in After Effects and although it can be a pain to animate in it has advantages in terms of output and camera movement. Blah blah blah....Enjoy.


Tom said...

Is there any butt left after this? That's got to be painful. How long are you going to have to remain standing before it grows back again? Want me to get Mike Parker to send you some Gary Poppins popcorn--that'll put your butt back on in a hurry. Great stuff, as always, and another quiver in the bow (carrying all those arrows around will work a butt off too)

Jay Luka said...

Love it. I'd vote for the guy, but down here in south carolina, weez alread dun our votin, leest til november. Keep up the good work. Take care buddy.

Erik Westlund said...

Well, I'm glad you went through all that pain... uh, I mean... it looks great like it was worth all the effort. And the fact that people are willing to have some fun with the political fray is great too.

Hey look, a reasonably short post. I can learn. I'm teachable... kind of.

SeanC said...

It came out looking great! Thanks again for letting me help out on it.