Sunday, November 25, 2007

Horrendous Fiasco Montage 2008

The commercial reel for Horrendous Fiasco is now complete and as is now a tradition so is the opening montage. So take a look, pretty much a short history of all the work I have done over the years plus a few additions. Really looking forward to this coming year. Horrendous Fiasco has a lot of creative in the works.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and Chuck Jones Story

Hey everyone,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! On this day I would like to share a great story from the animation legend, Chuck Jones. I was lucky to hear Chuckie Boy lecture at Boston University way back in the Ice Age. He told many stories and many of them were quite memorable. This particular story had to do with his brief relationship with Walt Disney during the time when a short-sighted Warner Bros was disbanding their animation division. Walt had taken ill and was hospitalized, so Chuck decided it would be a nice gesture to write him a get well card. Walt soon recovered and gave Chuck a ring to thank him and to inform him (to Chuck's surprise) that he was the only person outside of his immediate family that had wished him well. No one from the Disney company had sent anything. Walt further surpirised Chuck by asking him to come to Disney, hang around a week or two and pick out any job he wanted.

Chuck did just that, what the heck, Warners was falling apart, so he was going to need a job relatively soon. So Chuck "hung" around the Disney animation department for a couple of weeks, seeing how things were run and trying to get an idea of which job would suit him the most. Chuck met with Walt at the end of his tour and quickly informed him that the "only job worth having was his".

So that is my Happy Thanks-But No Thanksgiving story

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I hope to launch Horrendous Fiasco officially with an actual website in 2008. The first of the year would be nice. I threatened to launch last year but got "busy". Currently, not busy. The whole industry seems down lately. Oh Well, what else is new.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Always loved this guy. Crazy damn fish. Initially designed and rendered by myself but wonderfully reproduced by the incredible talents of Dave Fedan. It was fun to animate too. Well, Knock Knock is now quietly the parent company of my new venture, Horrendous Fiasco Cartoons. HA! parent company, that's a laugh (or maybe it's not funny). Welcome to Horrendous Fiasco's Blog.