Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's about making decisions!

Technology has given us one thing in spades, choices. You can take a slider in Photoshop and scroll through a million colors, you can tweak a line in Illustrator until your Wacom tablet is obsolete. If you want to be efficient, make decisions. Believe it or not it will make you a better artist. Before computers, back in the Ice Age, it was imperative to be decisive. When designing a character in animation, you inked a cell, flipped it over and began the process of coloring the damn thing. You made choices immediately, otherwise you were forever mixing paint. You didn't have the option of doing much else, you decided on a general look and palette and you carefully mixed the paint. You were using your head and your eye, not relying on a machine to influence the decision for you. I remember the first character I designed and colored in the computer, I ended up spending the entire day, shifting colors and by the end of the day had at least six versions that were acceptable. It took me another whole day to decide which one I was going to use. I never wasted so much time in my life. The funny thing is that the one I ended up with was the first color version I had done. Technological dumbass am I!

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