Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here are two frames from the first commercial campaign I worked on at Bajus Jones. These should scare Todd, HA. It was a series of commercials for Merchant's National Bank. It obviously was a pretty unique style and time consuming. Each frame was inked on vellum with a quill. The images look oddly dated, always amazes me the something only 30 years ago looks like it was done in the 1930s.


L.T. Myers said...

Geez, Gav! It wasn't 30 years ago... only 22 years ago!

I still have a ways to go before I qualify for a Golden Buckeye Card. Man!

And yes, this is scary. Didn't we Xerox these and finish with marker and colored pencil -- then cut everything out with X-Actos and spray mount onto cel?

Markers, X-Acto blades and spray mount. No wonder I'm a seven-fingered nut-case.

Gav said...

Sorry Todd, just seems like 30 years ago.