Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, I am still adjusting and creating new pages for the Horrendous Fiasco Website. This process has taken a lot longer than I initially planned. So what else is new. There has been wasted time due to lack of current web design information, redesign of pages, scrapping of pages, and a big time learning curve in the technical applications necessary. However, much of the time was utilized for the difficult and cathartic chore of finding out what "yanks my chain" in terms of design. For years, I have been a grand copier of styles and a tireless innovator in terms of getting those styles into an animated form. The website created an interesting problem, I was my own client, and I found out I could be just a difficult as any client I had had in my past life. I had t please myself with my own work and I hadn't done my own work in quite a while. It was tough to be good enough for me. I didn't want the website to reinvent the wheel, just myself as an artist. The website is still commercial, still not entirely original, but I am getting there. Reinventing myself as an artist is an endless journey and I had fallen off the path. It is a pleasant although time consuming trek, but it is good to be back on the track once again.

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