Friday, July 22, 2011

Gavrilo Gnatovich
Artist Statement

  We cherish pictures of our lives, we create images in an attempt to remember our stories which soon become myths regardless of pictorial record. Our memories obscured by emotion, clouded as time passes become preciously fragile and if it were not for the image remembered or recorded would fall victim to the forgotten.
My work has always been time based.  It addresses this through motion and stillness, a cerebral film of perception that registers my experience and tells my life’s narrative.  It is recorded through film and photography and painted to memorialize the moment, instance or history.  My work refers to the illusion of representation, yet embraces an indistinguishable instant at the speed of recognition. It explores the paradox of an object in constant motion that can be stilled in a single picture frame and that a single frame can create a flood of memory and response shared.

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