Saturday, January 30, 2016

Horrendous Fiasco 2016

Horrendous Fiasco Cartoons has been in hiatus for quite some time.   Initially, a re-branding of Knock Knock Cartoons,  Horrendous has become an oddity.  It's website is a Flash site and will be taken down soon due to Flash's inability to play on mobile devices.  So where does Horrendous go when we have relaunched Knock Knock Cartoon's here in Ohio where it once thrived.

The overall plan for Horrendous is to make a more specialized branch of Knock Knock (it's parent company) and create a unique brand, not a full service animation studio, but a development company for more adult content.  Knock Knock will take over the full service aspect of most animation productions, but will distance itself from any adult or edgy content.  In this way, both brands become more defined and the purpose of each can then objectively and hopefully, successfully be promoted.

Horrendous will go through this transition in 2016 with a new website launched sometime in the Fall of 2016.  When to take down the current Flash site will be discussed soon with our web-development team...Thanks!

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