Thursday, November 15, 2007

Always loved this guy. Crazy damn fish. Initially designed and rendered by myself but wonderfully reproduced by the incredible talents of Dave Fedan. It was fun to animate too. Well, Knock Knock is now quietly the parent company of my new venture, Horrendous Fiasco Cartoons. HA! parent company, that's a laugh (or maybe it's not funny). Welcome to Horrendous Fiasco's Blog.


Donna Grillo said...

Can there be a better name for a company? Just imagine how many people you'll throw off when they want to spell "horrendous"
Keep the artwork coming - want to see more more more!

Tom said...

Frank Gehry went through a "fish period." Strongly recommend the recent documentary done on him by/with Sydney Pollack--shows what a creative person can do if they really step off the ledge (the guy went bankrupt a few times, but where he ended up is a creative person's dream--a huge studio, endless projects with full creative control, lots of bright, loyal young artists to mentor, etc.). Alternately inspiring and depressing (how do we get there from here?), but the bottom line is that one day his biggest client, his meal ticket, saw what he was doing to redesign his own home and how different it was from the 20_ projects Gehry's studio was doing for the client, and asked him if he even liked the work he was doing for the client. "No" said Gehry, "I hate it" so the client told him he needed to leave him (the client) high and dry and strike out on his own. And he did--chucking $20 million in existing commissions out the window.

Frans Hals said...

I swear one day I saw that fish swimming in Lake Erie.......maybe the Lake Erie Monster?