Sunday, November 25, 2007

Horrendous Fiasco Montage 2008

The commercial reel for Horrendous Fiasco is now complete and as is now a tradition so is the opening montage. So take a look, pretty much a short history of all the work I have done over the years plus a few additions. Really looking forward to this coming year. Horrendous Fiasco has a lot of creative in the works.


wendy said...

this was an awesome way to spend the last few moments of my evening.

love your reel. love your stories (chuck n' all) and love you.


Tom said...

Totally awesome reel, Gav--great to now have it wherever I go (at first it was having loading problems, but now it's going likety-split)--I will use liberally when I tell people who I want to work with on all these projects. And it doesn't even have all of your seminal stuff--e.g. no Quest, no Momma Dash, etc. But I can show those, too.

Gav said...


Bob Camp said...

Hey Gav! Cool reel. The name of your company cracks me up. It says a lot about the industry we live in.