Saturday, December 1, 2007

Why Horrendous Fiasco?

Yep, my new business name is Horrendous Fiasco Cartoons. Why not call this business exactly what it is? If you don't understand the name then you haven't been in the animation or the production business for very long. I just got tired of trying to find a "cool" name. I can't even take credit for thinking of it first. It was a phrase commonly used by a fiery animator from Spain who used to say it whenever a ridiculous animation problem arose. Which was daily. "This is a Horrendous Fiasco" he would thunder. I was reminded of this by my good friend and tremendously talented colleague, Todd Myers. I mean how else can you say, "Make your next production a Horrendous Fiasco". It will probably be one anyway.


MrCurious said...

Mr. Odegard (me) likes the name. I hadn't thought about Señor C.S. de España in many años.

How's it goin' big guy?
How's wife and kids?

L.T. Myers said...

BTW, Carlos flew surplus Messerschmitts from the Spanish Civil War. There was a horrendous fiasco in production every week at BJ. Ironically, I was somehow involved with ALL of them. And I should sue you for even implying that I'm talented!