Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Heart Cavemen

Yes, I'll say it and everyone should know it. I am the king of Cavemen. I did them before Geico, I did them before they became popular. Cavemen are mine, all mine so back off, suckas. HA! Came across some drawings from Longhair and Doubledome in the vast Knock Knock Cartoons/Horrendous Fiasco archive. Thought I would share my love of cavemen with the whole damn blogging world. These drawings/designs were done by yours truly, and they were inked by Todd, Todd the Ink God, and Dave Dave, the Ink Slave. Both tremendous talents.

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Barton Rossfeild said...

How many episodes were there 2 or 3? I vaguely remember 2 one was produced in 2000 and the other 2003. I was sooo young at the time I didn't think I would remember such great cartoons like longhair and doubledome.

thanks for bringing back so many memories oh btw great artwork! :-P