Monday, March 16, 2009

Remembering Knock Knock

Here is a picture of many of the people who worked at the Cleveland studio of Knock Knock Cartoons. I was fortunate to work with and know some incredibly talented people during our 12 years there. Pictured from the top left, L. Todd Myers (Todd, Todd, the Ink god, great designer, director, this guy was crazy good), Big Gav, Dave Fedan (Dave, Dave, the Inking Knave also crazy good at everything), the great Tom Parker, Melissa Heltzel (the best writer and assistant ever), Cody Wood (Great talent), Anthony Judge (Frans Hals), Ed Zimmer (of the black nail polish), Sarah Curry (of the red lipstick), and Mike Chipchak (one talented guy). Not pictured unfortunately, Valerie Totire (Ms. versatility), Ben Smallridge (a phenomenal digital artist and animator) , Bev Chiara (one of the best cel painters I ever knew), Bridget Ginley (wonderful watercolors), and Pants Sechrist (this dude rocks, big rocks).


L.T. Myers said...

God! I look like I poohed golden eggs. Nice!

Melissa said...

Colonel Tom Parker!!! Life's just not the same without him.

Hey Myers - it's not like you didn't lay golden eggs. So whuh.

Overall, a handsome group. Good times.

Hiya, Gav!

Gav said...

Hiya Melissa! Yep Uncle Peanut, what a guy. Had some major league good times with Tom. And he got you a Todd.

aaron @ okpants design said...

Miss that joint. Thanks to all you guys for teaching me how to make those big rocks.

Gav said...

You do rock, big rocks