Saturday, April 11, 2009

Khaki Jones

I have just learned that Khaki Jones is leaving the Cartoon Network. She was a great person for the network and an experienced developer who always was quick to respond and knew the value of positive direction. She knew how to encourage an idea. It is easy to tear down an idea, it is the essence of power gone wrong when a network executive turns their nose up and torpedoes a good idea for no solid reason, it reminds us all that they are in control and at the same time, out of it. Khaki didn't work that way and it is to her credit. She had strong opinions but communicated her direction gently, always allowing the creative to find the proper solution. Many of my ideas, some of them flawed, were at least able to appreciate the full consideration they deserved due to her unique perspective, the complete creative journey that all decent ideas are worthy of experiencing. She totally understood that positive and constructive feedback assisted an idea in its growth and that negative "tear down" only kills the energy an idea so needs. Can't wait to see what she is up to in the future.

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